Unlocked Pro Trader: William Gibson’s Spectromancer


Whether or not we’re happy about it, we’re about to descend into neon hell where Hidetsugu kind of sucks but the 1 in 100,000 yellow variant will be the Beanie Babies of 2022. Will the set be Ninjitsu or Bushido? Sweep or Soulshift? Kamigawa Block Constructed or post-Mirrodin Standard? Will it be cohort? It’s hard to say, but I ordered cases of Collector Boosters so I’ve cast my lot in with this stupid set. I don’t care what anything in this set costs, but it’s going to impact EDH by bolstering existing archetypes and creating new ones, and while the low-hanging “stuff with creature type Ninja” fruit is all gone, there are some cards they’ve revealed that make me think we have some money to be made before spoilers (that’s what I call preview season because I didn’t get a preview card again) start in full force. Come along with someone who thinks he understands EDH because he went from making fun of EDH to playing on the Commander RC stream and receive some finance tips, my hungry little finance birdies. No, birds eat regurgitated worms, these picks are fresh. Hungry Hippos? This sucks, I could spend 10 minutes thinking of a good animal metaphor but I’m already on to the next paragraph.

I’m literally going to post a pic of a Neal Stephenson presents: The Kami Warz card and then talk about what I think it could mean. That sounds lazy but it’s smart and you’ll like it. Let’s begin.

As you can see, this card has text. OK, let’s move on.

I’d build Junji as a deck that made a ton of clones. In general, I think making expendable, Legendary copies of all 5 of these Dragons will be better than having to recast this for like 11 mana. I have a card in mind in particular since every Clone printed since 2019 removes Legendary.

I didn’t buy these at $5 – be a lot cooler if I did. I had 2 chances to do just that, two years apart. Not surprisingly at all, this card has spent the last 3 years doing nothing but climbing. At one point, Urza’s Incubator cost as much as the precon it and this card were in, which made this card free. It’s not free anymore, but it’s so good at giving you 3 Junji triggers it isn’t funny.

I don’t know what “Modified” means, but I assume it’s equipped and or/ enchanted with an aura since there is an aura subtheme. Here’s how to figure out if there is any mono-Red Voltron stuff that could go up to go in a Goro-Goro deck.

I went to themes, equipment, mono-Red on EDHREC. I could show you with a series of screenshots, but I feel like if I explain that much, I’d also have to explain to you how to make a TCG Player account to buy cards. Either you’re hopeless and no amount of help will actually improve your situation, or you’re smart and busy and are paying me to do it for you. Very well. Here is your link.

In general, you’ll find what you need on these pages, but let me show you my favorite.

If you were afraid to grab these while the price was in freefall, I have good news – it’s on the rise. Grab this erstwhile and eventual $5 card now.

This card seems better than it is, probably, but while I’m not sure I want to build around it, a card that searches for an Unquestioned Authority and attaches it every time I play a Battle Mastery is probably solid.

Here is the mono-White auras page, although this goes in the 99 more often than it goes in the Command Zone.

I personally think Mantle of the Ancients at $2 is a player if “modified” indeed means equipped or enchanted. It could be a new thing they made up just for this set, which would suck, but with there being an aura subtheme evident, I doubt it.

I am a landfall fiend and cards like this really get me hyped. You can run a few extra lands above what anyone does these days and not be punished because you can use them as spells. The best part is bringing them back after that.

If the Green channel land is good, Ramunap Excavator is currently $3. Also, Ramunap Excavator shouldn’t be $3 unless it’s reprinted again, which I think could take a long time. CK got $6 for this 6 months ago, I’m OK paying $3 that being the case. CK buylist will be $6 in like 6 more months and every tweet that whole day will be about abolishing the “reserve” list. Or something, I don’t know, twitter sucks.

FINALLY! A 5 color Legendary dragon card. This page has some tips about how to build something like that.

This card exists and it’s climbing again. 5-color decks are the dumb, Timmy decks of the future and they don’t have to be good. Will Timmy shell out $12 for a Crystal Quarry? I don’t know, Joe Manginello built a Tiamat deck and he could buy every Magic card on the planet with all that Magic Mike scrilla, so who knows? I do know that this hasn’t gone up in price in a year despite there being a lot of 5 color decks in that year and the price of the foil doubled this month. Once the 125 copy wall on TCG Player is gone, this is a card from a set so old you had to google the card because you don’t recognize the expansion symbol. Where does that level off? You tell me. Here’s a land from the same set.

Crystal Quarry can’t untap a Gaea’s Cradle, I guess, but Deserted Temple can’t fix your mana. I think Quarry will settle between $5 and $40. Where? Depends how many more 5 color Dargons we get.

That does it for me, readers. Hit me up in the Pro Traders Discord with your picks. Until next time!