The New Queen of Mean

Honestly, there were a lot of puns I could go with in the article title, but Tasha, the Witch Queen is an amazing card. I saw this in the preview stream and immediately took to Scryfall, trying to find the most busted things to do with her.

Frankly, this is a mechanic with a lot of flavors. Some versions play out of the graveyard. Some play off the top of their deck. Some intercept a spell (Spelljack!) and let you play it. Tasha loves all of them equally and that’s why she gives you a 3/3 demon every time you do it. 

So let’s get into some early picks for this Queen, and beat the rush when people wake up.

Memory Plunder ($3 for cheapest version, up to $30) – The Lorwyn/Shadowmoor blocks were under-opened compared to other big sets at the time, and as a result, foil rares from those sets can fetch quite a premium. This is a card that doesn’t see as much play as it should in Commander, but that’s because when it’s good it’s game-winningly so or when it’s bad it’s stone unplayable bad. With Tasha telling you what to do, it’s clear you need to just dive in and get value where you can. Keep in mind this is an instant! Copy a counterspell, or how about a Sublime Epiphany? 

Right now, copies can be had in NM foil for about $30, but as of this writing, there were four of those. Entirely possible that in a week or two, $60 is the new price point because of the scarcity of foil Shadowmoor rares.

Covetous Urge (ten cents to $1) – This is an uncommon from the first set with Collector Boosters, so there’s a whole lot of them out there. There’s no special versions either, so you can get many many copies. No one has all the foils, there’s no vendor with 20+ copies, and that means this might not go too badly. You definitely want you foil now at $1 before it jumps to $3 or even $5, as you get to cast the Urge and then wait for the best moment to use the stolen spell.

Hostage Taker ($1 to $6.50) – This is in the AFR Commander decks so we’re unlikely to get another nonfoil right away, but again, it’s a fantastic Tasha card. Tasha on five means that on six mana, you get to cast the Taker, steal a one-or-two-mana rock, and get a 3/3 demon as a bonus. Winner all around! 

It’s already in 16,000 EDHREC decks, and those are the people who love to link a deck. The actual number is probably much higher, as reflected in the high foil multiplier. An excellent candidate to jump above $10, possibly even to $15.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury (a quarter to $6.50) – A mere 30,000 decks online and one of the most fun cards to flicker/reanimate, Gonti will definitely see a bump sometime soon as people build this deck. You don’t get a discount, but you do get the flexibility to cast Gonti first, then play Tasha, and have the stolen card ready to be cast. A 2/3 deathtouch also does a lovely job protecting Tasha. 

This should follow a similar path as Hostage Taker when the deck starts getting built. I’d expect an immediate jump, and to a higher number given the smaller number of foils out there. 

Chaos Wand (a quarter to $2) – This doesn’t have as much EDHREC play at just under 10,000 decks, but there’s not a lot of foils from Magic 2019 out there either. No one has more than four copies, so it’ll only take 20 or so people wanting foils to make this jump, and 20 more to drain the market. Unlike most of the cards on this list (I have a playset from a different casual deck I built years ago) this is repeatable.

Your first spell is seven mana, but the second activation gets it down to a five mana average. It’s just a fun minigame too, pointing the effect at the blue deck when you need a counter or the white deck when you need a Wrath. Note that casting a Wrath means you’ll lose the Demon you’re creating, but no one’s perfect.

Siphon Insight – ($1 to $7 for Double Feature Foil) – The FEA versions under $3 are likely your better target, but Double Feature has had some surprises lately. This card lets you steal a land, and while that doesn’t trigger Tasha, it is a very good effect when you want it. 

There’s just a little Standard play propping this up for now, but being able to flash it back a second time? Very nice and very useful. .

Nightveil Specter – ($.50 to $3) – There’s less than 25 NM copies on TCG right now, but the key to this card is that it has to stay in play. A lot of these other cards don’t have that qualifier, and that’s a bad thing to have. As a result, you might get more than one card, but it’s got to hit once per turn and then stay in play. Hard to do in Commander, when you’re fighting three other decks that want to wrath the boar and get your Specter online.

Diluvian Primordial ($1 to $7) – 16,000 decks, and this little guy comes with three 3/3 Demon friends if you wait to cash this in during the mid-to-late game. All of the ‘cast without paying’ cards are good, but this might be the best of all. Who knows what amazing things you’re getting? Seven mana for a 5/5, three 3/3s, and the three best instant/sorcery spells in your opponents’ graveyards? Sign me up! 

I’m about out of words for the week, but I also want to give a mention to Praetor’s Grasp (already expensive, could get even more so), Fallen Shinobi, Nashi, Moon Sage’s Scion and Silent-Blade Oni (ninjutsu goodness for the top of their library), Thief of Sanity (more flying and stealing) and Mnemonic Betrayal (the Yawgmoth’s Will for their yards) as more cards that could see a significant spike in coming days as Tasha begins her non-benevolent reign over all.

Cliff (@WordOfCommander) has been writing for MTGPrice since 2013, and is an eager Commander player, Draft enthusiast, and Cube fanatic. A high school science teacher by day, he’s also the official substitute teacher of the MTG Fast Finance podcast. If you’re ever at a GP and you see a giant flashing ‘CUBE DRAFT’ sign, go over, say hi, and be ready to draft.