We are now tracking prices from ChannelFireball.com!

By request (from ChannelFireball) we are now tracking prices for almost all of their cards. Since we don’t have a good idea about volume yet and we are still testing some things, these prices will NOT be included in the Fair Trade Price calculations or the “lowest price” button for several weeks until we are sure all the kinks have been worked out with the integration.

As you can probably see, the card price graph is getting somewhat cluttered as we add new sources. This page is currently undergoing a substantial rework – expect to see a revised page with better design up by the weekend.

Additionally, we have clarified our development goals for the next few weeks. Our top priority is to improve the single-card pages to add more data, even more accurate graphs, more information about a card and a better design. We are also cleaning up a few cards that have missing images or are missing a price from one or more vendors.

Additionally, we are trying to decide on the best approach when a vendor is out of stock. Should we show the price they are listing the card for even when they have none in stock or should we show a price of zero instead? MTGMintCard is a big offender here – they are out of stock of most of the older cards and have them listed for very odd values (often 75% lower than other vendors). We mostly ignore these large deviations in our Fair Trade Price calculations but it still makes for an odd-looking graph.

As always, we welcome your feedback, either below or at webmaster@mtgprice.com


Happy Trading!

Isolated Chapel (and some alpha testing)

Firstly, yes, the new homepage (www.mtgprice.com) looks a little weird right now. Once the next crawl of prices is complete it will hopefully fix itself somewhat. In addition, we’ve noticed some major issues with the way we handle prices of old, high-value cards that are very thinly traded and we’re working on fixing those by tomorrow.

Next – given the new Sorin, Lord of Innistrad preview, people are eager to pick up black/white dual lands. For example, check out this reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/oc2sj/im_ready_for_you_my_lord/

Now, look at this graph of the number of “in stock” copies of Isolated Chapel at Starcity:


Notice the huge downswing? That implies these things are selling like hotcakes.

We haven’t noticed an upswing in prices yet, but we can see one around the corner if the buzz continues.

Mindbreak Trap – from $2 to $8?

We’ve been tweeting about Mindbreak_Trap for a couple of days now. The Ebay price has nearly doubled since Christmas, vendors have really spiky volumes (indicating lots of sales) and some vendors are significantly raising prices.

This is a mythic rare that came out 2 years ago, costs $2 and is a 4-of in many sideboards since it hoses combo, can counter uncounterable cards and is played for free against anyone who plays 3 spells.

Think it can hit $8 given the new modern format?