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PROTRADER: Credit Is King – Part 2

It’s working. I can’t believe it’s actually working.

Since writing my “Credit is King” article a few weeks ago, I have managed to turn about $170 into over $500 in store credit. This growth is a result of nothing more than taking trade-in credit from one vendor to purchase cards that a different vendor has a better buy price on (including credit). At first the task seemed daunting and improbabe, but after a half a dozen cycles across three different retailers, I can confirm that this strategy is 100% effective.

At least for now…more on that later.

But before I dive into the cautions of this approach, I first want to share some high level observations on the three vendors I use most frequently for this credit experiment: Star City Games, Card Kingdom, and ABU Games. By understanding a few valuable rules of thumb and observations, we can begin to piece together how this credit experiment has been so successful to date.

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