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PROTRADER: Vintage Set Reviews, Urza’s Saga Part One

Hello, and welcome to a very special episode1 of my set review series! So for a very long time, Urza’s Saga was the most valuable set in terms of rares. That distinction has since gone to Future Sight (as well as probably Modern Masters), which has the benefit of Modern playability to buoy demand. On the other hand, Urza’s Saga is under the thumb of the Reserved List, which means that any rares that haven’t taken off yet financially have potential. Also, because this set isn’t Modern legal, we are going to do the review similarly to the original Future Sight one; there is less to be gleaned from understanding how it fit into Standard since Saga nor any of the sets prior to or following it are in Modern.

Urza’s Saga had 110 rares. We are going to touch on  more than half of them today. This was the last set not to include foils.

Barrin’s Codex

Barrin's Codex

This requires eight mana and an upkeep to replace itself. It doesn’t use charge counters, so the opportunities of breaking this card are narrow. Not worth your time.

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