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PROTRADER: A Deep Dive Into Fetch Lands

It’s been nearly three years since we saw the reprint of shock lands. In other words it’s been three years since dozens of MTG speculators invested in fistfuls of the Modern dual land – it was the beginning of a long, arduous journey…a journey with few bumps and even fewer profits. If bonds are seen as safe, unexciting investments then RtR shock lands are the epitome of MTG bonds. Except, with shocks there were no distributions or dividends.

Naturally, when Khans of Tarkir brought us the Onslaught fetch land reprint, many financiers, myself included, were leery of the investment opportunity. Could this be another shock land debacle? Would fetches be reprinted again and again in subsequent sets, making all prospect of profits virtually absent?

I’ll be first to admit I thought the answer to these two questions was “yes.” Acting cautiously as always, I limited my exposure to Khans fetches to no more than around twenty copies. When I shifted focus towards a portfolio refresh via massive liquidation at GP Vegas, I unloaded the vast majority of my Khans fetches. Fortunately, I made a handy profit on this pursuit. Unfortunately, I missed out on additional gains.

I hadn’t foreseen this:


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