PROTRADER: The Magic Market for the Rest of Us (Well, You): Trading

By: Travis Allen

I began playing Magic beyond the kitchen table at Zendikar’s release five years ago, way back in 2009. At the time I think the most expensive card I owned was Doubling Season, and I’m pretty sure it was about $5. I knew next to nothing about how much most cards were worth, or what was good to trade for, or what might spike in price next week. I was focused solely on making gigantic Cytoplast Root-Kins and sacrificing Leveler while Endless Whispers was in play.

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Magic Market for the Rest of Us (Well, You): Trading”

  1. I rarely see a trade happen without phones verifying everything. Well, maybe when it’s a shark trying to take advantage of a kid who has to hurry up because his mom is waiting in the car.

  2. @Joe – I think price-checking is commonplace for trading nowadays. If you aim to trade and profit, you have to trade with a card’s future value in mind, not it’s current price.

  3. Good read, as always!

    My favorite thing about trading is that it really builds up the community. You talk to people you usually wouldn’t because of trades. Brings people together.

  4. This is a great read, Travis, thanks.

    At my LGS, it’s rare to find someone willing to do a trade without looking up prices. Usually it involves one or two cards. Fetch for fetch is pretty simple. Also, because it’s a relatively small group, many people have knowledge of prices, so it’s harder to make profit.

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