Is It Safe? Part 2

By: Jason Alt

For a brief second, I found myself wishing this series dealt with MODO¬†at all because “Part 2: Electric Reprint Boogaloo” would be a sweet title. If you’re not laughing, you’re just mad you didn’t think of it, and envy is a stinky cologne, readers.

Electronic reprints are relevant to the discussion, but online EDH is so irrelevant it’s not funny. It’s played, technically, but there’s not much money in speculating on such an underplayed and volatile medium, so let’s stick to what we know.

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3 thoughts on “Is It Safe? Part 2”

  1. Maybe next you could do some theorycrafting on upcoming Meta-Shifts and the “direction” that WotC is taking the game. What that might mean for speculating on older cards based on the arrival of new mechanics like Manifest/Megamorph. Essentially these are Board-centric mechanics with various options and allows players to play MTG from the board rather than their hand. Yes, they are catering to the timmies and johnnies and are hating on your average Blue Control player because cool stuff on the board sells sealed product, not a bunch of stuff in your graveyard and hand.

    When you mentioned Animar, Soul of Elements all of these recent KTK-FRF-DTK cards started running through my head and it got insanely better, or at least Animar had more options. I want one now, lol.

    WotC is shaking things up folks. I think it would be wise if we focus some of our attention on where they are trying to take the game. It might not be relevant to Modern… ughh… But it is highly relevant to Commander and those are the specs that come out of no where with no Top 8 results.

    What board-centric cards or commanders might spike up in price if WotC carries through with this whole “direction” thing? I know its a ton of what-ifs but I think it would still be interesting.

    1. Sounds like fun. I won’t have a whole lot of confidence in my answers the farther e get down the rabbit hole, but it sounds fun

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