PROTRADER: Rising Tides

I’m nothing if not a man of the people, and while I have a vision for this column and occasionally get inspired to write threepart series (I made each word a link to a different article, so I guess you could say I’m pretty awesome at the internet) about even the most miniscule-seeming of topics, I’m not above feedback.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Rising Tides”

  1. Not to sound like a fan boy, but i like the tone you write in… Plus im soley an EDH player so your articles are of particular interest.

    On the subject of Contagion Engine, would you say you were as bullish on its smaller friend Contagion Clasp in EDH?

    1. The FNM Contagion Clasp could be a pickup. Those are there in limited numbers. My issue with Clasp is that while it does proliferate, it does so once and also doesn’t put as much hurt on the board as Engine does. I think with cards like Viral Drake and Contagion Engine available, it’s hard to dedicate a slot to a weak card like Clasp. Don’t get me wrong – I ran 3 of them in Standard in a Superfriends build with Luminarch Ascension (it was the SHIT) but I don’t think you can justify a whole slot.

      That said, FNM promos have upside regardless, and some new kind of counter to proliferate could make people take a second look very easily.

  2. I think the tone you write in is funny, and in it’s own way refreshing. You write like your speaking, which is the goal. You sound like all the other guys I play Magic with, not a guy in the suit walking up and down wall street. Not only do you write about EDH (which is what I play, with a dash of limited), but I dig your tone.

    I really like your call out on The Chain Veil. I think that’s a great pick up for the long term. I’ve got a playset of them in the binders in my store. Time to pull them and throw them in the spec box!

    Thanks !(:

    1. I wish Chain Veil were behaving at all like I expected. I look like a lunatic continuing to call it and watching it go nowhere. Rotation will hopefully pull a ton of copies out of the woodwork and when they sell out, I expect it to realize it should be worth more money.

  3. I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to Drink! Great article. Even if the individual cards you gave as examples go nowhere, the concept of paying attention to “the rising tide” is a good one to remember.

    The same concept can be applied to any format. CoCo being an example. I’m really curious to see if this rising tide takes place in EDH due to the new creature-flip-walkers. Thanks for giving us a heads up on some cards to look out for. I look forward to the update on this down the road.

    1. “I could be wrong here, but this appears to be a roughly $1 foil with a gigantic spread. No one thinks much of this card, but if you’re playing Superfriends, being able to get dead friends back—twice—seems potent. This is quite the longshot and I’m not fully endorsing this as a pick, but I am saying to watch it.”

      I like this “card” and I think it is a valid foil spec! I don’t know if I should mention its name since this is a Pro-Trader article. Wouldn’t want to give away the meat for free. Feel free to give the card a shout-out yourself now that I have my copies! I’m fairly confident this card won’t drop below $1 and is likely to see increased demand due to new cards being released and new/returning players building/updating decks. I feel like if you don’t have any at all, its more than safe to get a playset of foils for around $4.

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