PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Black

By: Travis Allen

Welcome to day three of the MTGPrice ProTrader Magic Origins spoilers. I’ll be covering black, which may be the deepest on playables of any color in this set.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Black”

  1. Finally someone who agrees with me about Liliana, or you just cut and pasted what I’ve been posting 😀 Nice piece Travis. I didn’t realize the Winnower was preselling for bulk prices

  2. Can you explain this for me?

    “I was excited for Marauder until a friend reminded me that Nighthowler has existed for quite some time and has never been more than a fringe player. Nighthowler is a mostly better card that’s seen little play, so why should Marauder be any better?”

    Nighthowler doesn’t have DEATHTOUCH for one and it is fringe because it hinges on creatures being in the graveyard and the fact that its a weird enchantment. Marauder on the other hand has deathtouch and a guaranteed 4 toughness for 3cmc. Consistency is what separates a playable from fringe right?

    If your comparison is about the second effect in regards to being dependent on creatures being in the graveyard, maybe Nighthowler wins out there because it includes all graveyards. But still… Nighthowler is inconsistent whereas Marauder is a 1/4 Deathtouch every time. I think Marauder is meant to be played defensively at first, then offensively once your board and graveyard are stable. The second ability just makes it that much better late game because even though it can only swing for 1, your opponent is forced to make tough decisions. Not to mention it could be ideal to play this guy late game after a wrath effect like Languish. Not to mention he has a chance of surviving Languish if he has a single counter on him…

    I think you need to re-read this card and re-evaluate it based on the simple fact that it has deathtouch. That is what brings this card full circle. Oh… And its a Warrior so there is tribal love to consider… And it is 3cmc so it could show up in a CoCo deck! It also has a much easier casting cost so it has potential to show up in a lot more decks. Mentioning Alesha is cool but I really think there are plenty of other directions you could go with Graveblade Marauder. I’d personally like to see it run in a G/B deck. Plenty of fun things to do with your creatures and graveyard in those colors.

    I’m not saying this card is a powerhouse, but I think your original feeling about this card was the right one and your friend that name dropped Nighthowler is making a horri-bad comparison.

    1. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I can say that while your defense of the card is passionate, I don’t agree it’s a good card.

      Since Nighthowler counts creatures in all graveyards, he’ll typically be much bigger than Maurader. The deathtouch is fine, but for all intents and purposes, a big Nighthowler has the same effect. A defending player either has to chump a creature or take a bunch of damage, but that damage will be greater from Nighthowler than it will be from Maurader (on average).

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