PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Green (and More)

We’re divvying up the spoiler to make sure we give you a wide variety of opinions about the cards in the last core set for Magic. We all have different opinion,s but we are all experienced Magic financiers and we all strive for excellence. I was assigned “artifacts, multicolors spells, and EDH cards.” Anyway, here’s all the green cards.

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One thought on “PROTRADER: Magic Origins Set Review, Green (and More)”

  1. Disagreeing with someone about Evolutionary Leap’s potential is a lot different than saying you straight up don’t respect anyone’s elses opinion that thinks its good. I guess you really hate this card huh?

    By the way… I know that people are saying this is pre-ordering for over $5 but you can still find them cheaper than that if you look. Try eBay and MAKE OFFERS! I think if you are passing on this card under $5 you are making a mistake.

    I do like how you mentioned Managorger Hydra. I thought that card could be a real sleeper as well.

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