PROTRADER: Standard Pickups as Magic Origins Hits

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Modern in this column recently. And it does make sense, after all. Modern is the new Legacy. Modern is the place with all the news happening. Modern is the place with the price spikes (did you catch the Living End spike? That one seems random). Modern is the place with high-profile events, and Modern is the place with the exciting innovation.

That could be changing soon.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Standard Pickups as Magic Origins Hits”

  1. Thanks for giving me a few more targets to pick up. I have already targeted Tasigur. Tasigur has been one if my favorite cards for making some quick profits. I picked up 17 playsets during preorder at $6 a set. Sold them for $45 a set when they spiked. 3 weeks ago I was back picking them up for as low as $17 a playset. My buying window has passed, unless they drop again. I have 60 non-foil and 22 foils tucked away.

  2. Love the calls in this article! I’ve already picked up tons of Rattleclaw Mystics and a few fetchlands here and there. I really like Whisperwood Elemental as a pickup – it’s basically bottomed out at $7 retail with many copies cheaper on TCGPlayer and eBay! I think the elemental is going to be great with flip Nissa and will only get better once non-multicolored Battle for Zendikar ( guessing based on past Zen experience) hits in the fall. Dig Through Time is certainly going to see play as well, and also recommend that players start picking these up too.

    I am shocked at the amount of mythics, especially in Fate Reforged, that have dropped to $2 and less! Wingmate Roc, Shaman of the Great Hunt, and Brutal Hordechief are all really powerful cards and so cheap right now. I can’t fault anyone for picking up extra copies for later in Khans Standard.

  3. Thanks for the great article. By the way, any potential in Savage Knuckleblade?

    1. Absolutely. The fact that we have no Birds of Paradise hurts it, but it’s still very powerful.

  4. I like the mythics you mentioned in fate reforged and I pretty much agree with all of your picks. I don’t think fate reforged is as much of a dud set as it seems right now. I think that many of the cards from FRF and DTK were designed with the future in mind and not the past.

    I have a feeling we will see some major spikes on FRF and DTK cards as more obvious synergies emerge in new sets. Now that prowess is going to be showing up consistantly, I kind of want to make sure I have obvious pieces of that archetype. I really think Myth Realized could end up being a major player in Prowess Decks down the road. The buy-in is low enough that its worth the gamble.

    As for BFZ centering on mono colored… Doesn’t that mean that fetches are less likely to be in it? Or does that not matter?

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