PROTRADER: Counting Boats

Let me preface this article with a warning. You’re going to get sick of the puns in the title that are some variation on both the deck I want to discuss and boating because I’m doing a whole series on that whole a-rising-tide-lifts-all-boats motif way before I do. I promise. I. Promise.

Want me to spoil the deck I want to talk about by explaining the title to you? Sure, eat your dessert before you finish your salad—you’re an adult and you can make your own decisions by now. I want to talk about decks that put counters on creatures in light of a few cards (rather than just one) from Magic Origins that are going to go off with these strategies. We’ll look mostly at Vorel of the Hull Clade decks, but we won’t limit ourselves to that.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Counting Boats”

  1. I really like the idea of a counting boats – rising tides series, I hope you continue this series even if its a completely different topic or archetype.

    I think that with FTV angels on the horizon there could be a short frenzy of people buying up angels and other synergistic cards that weren’t reprinted. It would be wise of us to get a grip on our options and potential targets to pick up or sell off based on upcoming spoilers. This would be PERFECT to explore in this type of article series. I know Sig is more of the Angel collector and maybe he can weigh in, but I’d like to hear your EDH perspective on the “boat” effect!

    I already know people that are holding off buying Angels because they want to see if they get reprinted. Could we see a mini MM15 delayed demand scenario where Angels spike that weren’t reprinted? There must be some opportunities in there somewhere.

    1. I feel like I speculated a bit about the effect of FTV angels when I was still over at QS. I think there are some opportunities for non-angels. Maybe Kaalia isn’t in FTV Angels because she isn’t an angel? Maybe this will draw attention to Bruna and auras go up. I’m not entirely certain what could happen so I’m not as confident doing this for unknown reprints compared with spoiled new cards. I may think about FTV Angels next week, that’s a good suggestion

  2. I wish all the writers would focus more on standard. The more exotic formats hold little interest to huge swaths of people.

    1. Sure, let’s all write about the same 20 cards. Also, who cares what you like to play? This is about finance! If there was money to be made in My Little Pony cards, do I have to play that game to make money at it? I don’t get your attitude at all.

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