PROTRADER: Naval Pacts


That’s a real thing, look it up. You’re just mad because you saw the title and thought, “I bet that one was really easy to come up with,” and while you’d be right, so what? I’m on top of my game, not everything has to be complicated, and I make it all look easy. What wasn’t easy was separating my feelings of “this card seems cool but not right for Standard” from the notion that sometimes powerful cards get built around.


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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Naval Pacts”

  1. ooooooooh. How did I miss how well Demonic Pact fits into a nice casual Illusions-Donate deck? nice article!

  2. Opalescence won’t see a reprint due to being on the Reserved List, and if we see a reprint, then there will be more controversy about cards on the Reserved List getting reprinted. Besides that, great article!

    1. You’re right, I probably should have made it clearer I was joking since “Unlikely to see a reprint” is something I say about a lot of cards. I feel shame.

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