PROTRADER: Boats Run Aground

Landfall is coming.

We’re all already very aware of how much fun landfall can be. Who doesn’t like to smash people in EDH with Avenger of Zendikar? That’s such a cliche at this point that a reader of mine called its inclusion in a deck where I was doing crazy landfall shenanigans questionable, as if Avenger of Zendikar had jumped the shark. Screw that, landfall is awesome and landfalling feels good and I’m going to keep doing it. We’re going to want to landfall a lot more in the future, and there are a lot of cards people are going to look back at coming up here pretty soon, and I think it’s worth buying ahead of them. BattleĀ for Zendikar is about to make it cool to landfall again, so let’s be ready.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Boats Run Aground”

  1. I followed your advice on Instagram!

    Landfall looks like it could be really good fun to build around, I might have to look at having a go…

    I keep looking at Crucible of Worlds, and then saying “ouch” so I live in hope of a reprint…

  2. BFZ also has some nice ways to build around Mycosynth Lattice with both converge and cards that trigger on colorless.

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