PROTRADER: Everything I Care About for EDH in Battle for Zendikar

I’m diverging from my typical weekly boat pun format where I talk about how a card from a new set is going to cause old cards to go up. I’ll probably be back to my old tricks soon. Today, though, let’s look at the new set and see if anything is going to get pushed up.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Everything I Care About for EDH in Battle for Zendikar

  1. Your commentary, specifically insults make me less inclined to read your articles week over week (regardless if they contain good information or not). Not sure why you pivoted this way but after several weeks I felt obligated to leave this comment.

    1. Love it or hate it, “caustic” has been Jason’s brand for years and years.

      And there are plenty that love it. The entire audience of Money Draught, for instance.

  2. As an edh player I don’t think greenwarden will push blink effects like deadeye navigator in price because there are already many nice etb creatures being used. If anything it would be small increase. Etb commanders like drago and zegana have more effect on those cards imo.

  3. I’m amazed at the section of timid readers who so easily offend, and for whatever reason, fail to appreciate well written, acerbic/caustic/dark humour…..maybe as an aussie I’m just more open to the style, as we are legendary “$#!+ stirrers” here…

    But pass the peanut butter so some folks can nut up!

    Great article, love the Black Books tone 🙂

  4. Is it worthy of note that From Beyond simply says “Eldrazi card” with no reference to “colorless” on the tutor clause..?

    A possible sign of colored Eldrazi (sans-Devoid) to come..?

  5. I never understand why people complain about Jason’s style. I always think it’s a chuckle reading his columns, and it wouldnt be the same without the insults!

  6. To foil, or not to foil??? That is a question I would like you to write about.

    Some people say stay away from foils, players want the cheapest decks possible. Some people say first printing foils always have the biggest multipliers and are fairly safe specs. As the playerbase ages are we going to see an increased demand for EDH foils? Is EDH growing?

    EDH-Commander is a “casual” format with a ton of opportunity to make some cash. I’d love an update on some general trends and where you think the format is heading long-term. People generally don’t sell off foiled EDH decks, even if they quit magic for a few years. Could EDH chase foils be THE thing to spec on long-term? It would be great to hear your take on current and future trends.

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