PROTRADER: Now and ZEN (Plus Betrayers and Saviors Set Reviews)


No schmatlzy intro today. I want to get straight to two things that I didn’t cover last week that I wanted to.

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Now and ZEN (Plus Betrayers and Saviors Set Reviews)”

  1. It’s a bit shortsighted to state “Players who bought these Fat Packs for more than $40 (which, as I understand, is MSRP) who don’t usually buy Fat Packs are only doing so because they expect that 80-land pack to appreciate in value significantly. There are a few reasons why that is extremely unlikely. ”

    You’ve forgotten about the allure of the expedition lands. In my opinion this is what will cause these fat packs to continue to appreciate. When in MTG history can you recall a 1 week old standard set containing a 300 dollar card? I believe to have a balanced economy- price must meet demand or demand will crush the price.

  2. I’m not a Swamp player that often, but the Zulaport Cutthroat seems to have great synergy with all the Eldrazi scions. Sacrifice a ton of scions, have a massive pool of mana, do a bajillion points of damage to your opponent and gain a bunch of life. And it’s an ally. What’s not to like? (I suppose that it’s uncommon instead of rare?)

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