PROTRADER: A Reminder Not to Forget about Casual Favorites

What do these cards have in common?

Asceticism Balefire Dragon

Chromatic Lantern Exquisite Blood

You probably cheated and read the article title, so you already have an idea, but I’m going to stubbornly pretend like you’re struggling here so I can post more card images.

Darksteel Plate Parallel Lives

Utvara Hellkite Consuming Aberration

Surely you must what I’m getting at now? (Yes.) No? (Yes.) Here’s a few more hints:

Caged Sun Endless Ranks of the Dead

Increasing Confusion Hellkite Tyrant

“Ah-ha!” I’m imagining you saying. “I’ve got it now!”

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9 thoughts on “PROTRADER: A Reminder Not to Forget about Casual Favorites”

  1. I agree with a lot of these calls. I think there are still some gems in JOU though. Although it’s not a casual staple, Eidolon of the Great Revel has shown no ability to relent from it’s price point. If we get a Goblin Guide reprint in the next year or two then the Eidolon is poised to double up.

    I think Godsend is a pretty easy card to pickup from competitive players and just throw in a box for a few years. It’s Elspeth’s sword, how much more epic do you want your equipment to be?

    1. Undead vizier is in Dragons, Danny only covered Theros block and Khans :). She does seem a good pick up, but she is in standard an extra 6 months so wait for longer 🙂

      1. He covered DTK, that’s why I was surprised she wasn’t mentioned. I think M15 has some casual gems too. The Chain Veil is a great pick up for a $1.

    2. Nice call, I like Sidisi. I find her underwhelming in Cube and haven’t seen her in play in Commander, but I assume she’s good in 100-card decks. Can’t go wrong picking up Demonic Tutor on a stick for $1.

    1. Kruphix is probably a good buy, but I’m basing that on Jason’s touting of the card and not on any experience I have with it, as I have never seen the card in play.

      Godsend is a card that I don’t like at all and I can’t discern why it is worth anything, honestly. It obviously has some appeal to some crowd, and maybe it will get more expensive due to being a mythic, but I’m not a fan of the card from a play or finance perspective.

  2. I believe that Sidisi and Risen will both see a rise in price. With BFZ, some original Zendikar Ally’s jumped in price. With us returning to Innistrad, I believe that Zombies will come back into play. Keep an eye out.

  3. I think my biggest omission from this article is Dictate of Erebos. I was thrown by the fact that it’s a higher price than all the other Dictates, but it’s also better than them all…and less than $2. Yeah, I should have mentioned Dictate of Erebos.

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