PROTRADER: At Least Jitte is Still Banned

By: Travis Allen

Do you remember Caw-Blade? If you played during the original Zendikar block, you surely do. It was a tremendously skill-testing deck, with the better pilot always able to edge out advantages over worse players.

Pros loved it because it gave them a tool to beat all comers, and the better player basically always won. Non-pros hated it, because half the room was playing the same deck and they didn’t enjoy feeling like they had no chance whatsoever to beat a more talented opponent. Directly resulting from Caw-Blade’s dominance was the banning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic (except in the Event Deck, an extremely odd corner case to this day). History remembers Caw-Blade as one of, if not the, best Standard decks ever to find the inside of 75 sleeves.

Twin Blade was better.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: At Least Jitte is Still Banned”

  1. As if twin isn’t asinine enough to begin with, the thought that 2-3 stoneforge could slot into it with a single copy of batterskull makes chewing on the barrel of a 44 magnum sound more appealing than playing against that Modern deck.

  2. Kind of a meta-question… I’ve only been playing for a little under a year. I’m obsessed and read everything all the time, but I still haven’t had experience with all of the older decks and cards that are discussed. Is it at all possible to have the hover feature where the card pops up when you hover over the link on WordPress (like on tcg articles and decklists)? It would be SO much more convenient to just see the card and process it without having to navigate away and come back. I appreciate the “open in new tab” which seems to be the norm, but the hover would be gravy. —postscript (1) Great article either way! Insightful, comprehensive, and VERY timely. (even though it took me a while looking up all of the cards) ps (2) Yes, I *am* behind the paywall 😉 ahhaha

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