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PROTRADER: At Least Jitte is Still Banned

By: Travis Allen

Do you remember Caw-Blade? If you played during the original Zendikar block, you surely do. It was a tremendously skill-testing deck, with the better pilot always able to edge out advantages over worse players.

Pros loved it because it gave them a tool to beat all comers, and the better player basically always won. Non-pros hated it, because half the room was playing the same deck and they didn’t enjoy feeling like they had no chance whatsoever to beat a more talented opponent. Directly resulting from Caw-Blade’s dominance was the banning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic (except in the Event Deck, an extremely odd corner case to this day). History remembers Caw-Blade as one of, if not the, best Standard decks ever to find the inside of 75 sleeves.

Twin Blade was better.

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