PROTRADER: Oh Yeah, This Series is Called “City of Traders”

By: Travis Allen

It’s Monday evening and I’ve got the last mouthful of a 10-percent barleywine swishing between my cheeks, savoring the flavor.  I’ve been cooking my chicken chili for the last hour or so, and I’m finally sitting down for the first time today. It’s a solid barleywine, by the way. Not my favorite, but definitely drinkable. Reasonably sweet with obvious flavors. Beer Advocate tells me I’m tasting caramel and toffee. I wouldn’t buy this again, but you can do a lot worse, and if you find my typical recommendations too sweet, this backs off on the sugar content a bit while maintaining some of the strong flavors I’m so drawn to. I’ve been posting short beer reviews occasionally as I discover them in the wild, and you can find them over on my Twitter. The easiest way is to just look through all my tweets with photos. I could not be further from a sommelier if I was a dead raccoon on the side of a hot desert highway,  though I enjoy drinking beers that offer an experience, and people apparently wanted to hear about them. If you’re a fan of huge, heavy, barrel-aged stouts and rich barleywines, see if anything in my Twitter profile is available in your area.

Anyways, where was I? Right, I had just polished off a 10-percent beer 30 seconds before realizing I needed to write an article tonight, a responsibility that had slipped my mind for the last five days or so. Hrm. I’m swimming just a little right now, and I need to pound out 1,500 words good enough to warrant a ProTrader subscription. I pinged my black-ops Magic finance encrypted cartel chat (typically used for coordinating buyouts of TWoo-hyped cards) that an article needed to be written. Jeremy was quick to respond with a great idea. If you aren’t following Jeremy on Twitter, by the way, that’s a huge mistake. While he claims to attend school, I don’t believe him. What I do believe is that he spends all his waking moments grinding Magic sales and travelling to GPs and SCG events to buy and sell. For all the broadcasting I do from my writer’s pulpit, you can’t substitute hard hours on the ground, trading with the masses. His instincts are on point and you’ll make money if you listen to what he has to say. I’ve learned to pay attention to people who invest this much time and money in the field, and you should, too.

This week it’s a collaboration—he told me what cards he thinks are hot, and I’m writing about it. You get his insight and my verbosity. A win-win situation, I assure you.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Oh Yeah, This Series is Called “City of Traders””

  1. Another point for Eidolon of the Great Revel, we wont even see it in a return to Theros or any other enchantment set since the Great Revel itself was the key story moment of the block – it cant happen again. Modern Masters 2019 (or 2018, if they so desire) is the soonest we’ll see this reprinted, outside of PTQ/GP/Judge promos or a new supplemental product. I felt like that was something worth noting, since the new set schedule means a return could happen in half the time it would previously.

  2. A couple comments about Spellskite. 1) Isn’t Snapcaster the most played creature in Modern? 2) Doesn’t the fact that it’s rarely more than a 2-of hurt it’s stock? Compared to 4-ofs like Noble Hierarch, Splinter Twin, etc.

    Great artice, however rushed it may have been. I dig the podcast you guys have been doing, as well.

    1. While Skite is not a 4-of, it’s in the sideboard of a TON of decks as a 1 or 2 of. The fact that it’s in the 75 of so many different decks in Modern is what compensates for the fact that it’s not played as a 4-of.

  3. You can still find Eidolon for under $10, and if your not taking advantage of that opportunity, you should find another hobby.

  4. Cheers and thanks for the heads up. I like Noble Hierarch and Spellskite as picks right now. Even without a ton of hype, both of these cards are solid picks. I see both hitting at least $40 pretty soon. Both are the kind of cards that are pseudo-barriers into Modern for a lot of casual players. Mana Base + Spellskites + Noble Hierarchs + ??? = Entry Level Modern Deck.

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