PROTRADER: Checking in with Planeswalkers

There are over 14,000 unique Magic cards in existence. Of those, only 74 are planeswalkers*. In a game so large that it can overwhelm even the most experienced financiers, planeswalkers take up only 0.005 percent of the cards in the game. This subset of cards tends to be very interesting financially, and with so few total, we can cover them in entirety to try to highlight the money-making opportunities that may be present.

*If we count the five Origins flip-walkers, which I almost didn’t!

I like to do a check-in with planeswalkers as a whole a couple times a year. My first at MTGPrice was last April, and then I touched on the subject again last November. Much has happened since then, so let’s check up on these cards yet again.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Checking in with Planeswalkers”

  1. I snagged a dozen Elspeth, SC after rotation for around $3.50 each. Couldn’t pass that up
    No mention of Ashiok??? Slowly gaining since rotation

  2. Oops, sorry Dan. You did mention that you’re keeping an eye on Ashiok. Smart move

  3. Great article :). Two things to note though.

    Regarding reprints: it looks like Wizards may very well use the Masters series as a replacement for the core set, which, depending on their definition of limited, may give ample opportunity to reprint any and all Planeswalkers they may see fit.

    And regarding Chandra, the Firebrand: the foil is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

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