PROTRADER: The World’s Most Efficient Set Review: Shadows Over Innistrad Edition

We are going to try something a little bit different this week: my set review is still going to be in its beloved Quick Hits style, but we are going to start with an eye towards something that really doesn’t get broken down much, especially this time of year. I’m talking about the Obstacles.

When we view cards in a vacuum (the most common mistake made in set reviews, since time immemorial), we are basically just putting on a straight, flat, artificial green. Yes, the card does the thing(s) it is printed to do, but is that any good? Is it something that even matters at all?

This is not my office; mine is MUCH nicer.
This is not my office; mine is MUCH nicer.

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9 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The World’s Most Efficient Set Review: Shadows Over Innistrad Edition”

  1. Um… Jace still triggers when you discard it because it eventually goes to the graveyard (unless you cast it for its madness cost). It just discards to exile, then you cast or put it in the yard.

    1. The new way madness works is that discarding a card with madness discards it into exile, then you can choose to cast it for its madness cost. If you don’t, then it goes to the graveyard from exile. Prior to this change, you could choose to not exile the discarded card, putting it from hand into graveyard. Because of the way Jace’s flip ability is worded, you’ll draw then discard a card then check your graveyard for 5(+) cards; if the madness card you chose to discard would be #5, Jace won’t flip, because the madness card is in exile waiting on your cast-or-not decision (which you can’t make in the middle of resolving Jace’s ability, since you don’t have priority). By the time you have priority to choose to not cast it and put it in your graveyard, Jace’s ability has finished resolving.

  2. ^No, it doesn’t. At the time Jace’s ability resolves, the card is in exile with the madness trigger on the stack. Jace’s ability resolves, and only then do you choose whether to cast the card or put it in your graveyard.

    1. I try to only use them when they make sense, but they often only make sense to me 😛

      Chiefs look good (I love the deals they made with their backup RBs!), but suddenly playing the Raiders twice doesn’t look as profitable as it once did.

      1. Yeah, for as long as I can remember the Chiefs have always had a “next man up” mentality with their RBs. Which is especially beneficial in today’s game where backs take a beating every week.

        Raiders are on the right track (basically the inverse of SD who’s trending downward), but I think they have a ways to go before they’ll be able to supplant anybody for the best team in the AFC West.

      2. I’ll root for the Chiefs in the AFC West if you root for my Jags in the AFC South.

        San Diego is trying to tank in the hopes of moving, but nobody else wants them or cares. Also, their QB is Woody from Toy Story but with more kids.

  3. None of the links to cards in the article work because MTGPrice hasn’t updated it’s card database to include SoI yet.

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