PucaPicks for August 18, 2016

Welcome back to PucaPicks!

I can’t wait to go over some of the cards which are undervalued and which are overvalued. Last week I talked about Oath of the Gatewatch and Battle for Zendikar, and this week most of my attention is on the rotation: Magic Origins and Dragons of Tarkir!

There are some cards in here which I love love love, and others barely worth the effort of a stamp. Let’s get to it!

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8 thoughts on “PucaPicks for August 18, 2016”

  1. Has anyone been receiving cards via PucaTrade? I haven’t had anything sent in weeks. I’d love to follow this advice…

    1. Since Aug 6 I’ve received 29 cards and I have and additional 42 cards in my incoming trades that haven’t arrived yet (though to be fair a good chunk of those are some BFZ full art lands). There is a decent mix of stuff – some foils, some cheap EDH things, some standard dual lands, a few Sarkhan Unbrokens, and an expedition. I’m not offering any bonuses, so no impact from that.

    2. Man, I was wondering if it was just me. If things don’t pick up, I’m looking to burn my remaining points and be done for good. I’ve defended Puca quite vigorously in the past, but it seems the seller-driven model is extremely limiting. What’s the point of acquiring points when I can never get the cards I want.

  2. I grind on Puca and its been really slow this past month,even with EMN wants.
    Hoping everyone’s waiting on FutureSite release tomorrow…

  3. Hopefully future site increases trade productivity. A site can’t survive if no one is willing to send cards.

  4. Jace is not “awesome” in Legacy, he is fringe playable as a two of in Reanimator and fringe elsewhere but the play he is seeing is marginal.

  5. Future site has ruined Pucatrade so far in my eyes. it’s SO clunky and the user friendliness just went from like an 8 to a 2. Damnit.

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