MTGCritic Unboxes his $10K+ MTGFinance Spec Order from Europe & the US


Hey folks. I recently streamed an unboxing of some of my most recent specs from Europe and the US via Twitch and posted it to YouTube for future viewing. This video includes interactions with Twitch chat viewers and detailed logic and results from a large stack of my latest action.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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One thought on “MTGCritic Unboxes his $10K+ MTGFinance Spec Order from Europe & the US”

  1. Really enjoyed the video. I got to pick up a few good tips as well as solidified some cenceptual thoughts I had about MTG Finance. A question I had that I didn’t want to ask publicly on Twitter:

    The Pro Trader Tools seem to have been broken for a long time with no real update on the progress for repairs. For instance, my current best buylist for Mox Diamond is sitting at $75 which seems quite outdated.

    I wanted to check in to see if I’m using the tools wrong or if there are actualy problems in the programming to get fixed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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