Pro Trader: Double Masters. THat’s It. THat’s the Title


I was stumped for a long time tonight. I had some serious writer’s block, which is not ideal but which sometimes happens. I’m going to level with you, this is going to feel less like an article and more like a list of cards I feel compelled to justify but not much else. If you’re cool with that, thanks. If you’re ecstatic that I’m not trying to frame it as an actual piece and just wanted a list of cards every week, sorry, I don’t plan to make this a habit. If you’re sad, remember this preamble paragraph that I wrote just to build up kind of a running start so I could fling myself headlong into the body of it where I’ll literally just be discussing cards from Double Masters that are underpriced and get played in EDH a lot. Sorry if you wanted more, I wanted more, too, but Commander Legends spoiler season starts in a week (kicked off by two weeks of Commander Legends some piece of garbage leaks everyone’s preview cards season) so we’ll have plenty of inspiration for next time. OK, that’s enough ramp time, let’s dive right into the thick of it, no transition just

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2 thoughts on “Pro Trader: Double Masters. THat’s It. THat’s the Title”

  1. Great content! Even when you’re just “dumping.” You can dump a pile of cash on my keyboard anytime.

    How does the existence of the 2XM Variants impact your decision on a good entry point and exit point for these cards? Do you think the Variants would significantly depress the prices of the regular versions over a long(er) period?

    1. I think the variants are depressing the price of the foils, not the regular cards. I think the math works out fine for non-foils

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