Pro Trader: Adventures in Forgotten Cards


This week, I’m not feeling the stuff from Crimson Vow. It’s not that I have over-written about the topic, but I think EDH is in a bit of a rut it may never recover from. There were 14 Legendary creatures released in 1997 and today, there are 24 new ones every 2 months. There simply isn’t the design space to come up with novel commanders at that pace. The result? They come up with exactly as many novel commanders as they used to and have given us tons and tons of filler, recycling commanders quickly. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s Gretchen Titchwillow.

Toxrill is very cool and gave us what we like to see in this column – old cards in low supply that will spike quickly as soon as people realize they’re indispensible in the deck, which ends up being popular. The specs aren’t obvious so that people who don’t plan to build the deck buy en masse, giving you ample time to track down copies, but since the cards actually go in the deck (and the deck is actually good) you won’t have any issues selling the cards given the organic demand. Let people claw each other to pieces fighting over $20 copies of Abundance, a card that combos with a 7 mana creature that isn’t even the deck’s commander – we’re over here paying $4 for Hunted Horror (which doubled since we wrote that article, by the way). We get 3 Toxrills a year, though, whether we get 10 new Legendary creatures or 100. Once you write about Toxrill, what else is there?

Well, it turns out I have done a bit of a “yadda yadda yadda” with some of the precon cards lately. We’re still figuring out how we want to separate things out over on EDHREC, so we (I) didn’t talk much about AFR commander specifically, but since the supply is basically set on those, things are starting to move. Let’s look at what is moving and what’s next.

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