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Six new vendors added to card pages!


We’ve added six more major US-based vendors to the default card pages. Ultimately, our goal is to track the top 15 sources of magic singles in the US on the default page (with many more available for more advanced analysis).

We are still planning on adding Amazon (almost done) and Troll and Toad – are there any other major stores that you’d like to see added?

NOTE: We are mostly interested in the very biggest US-based sources of Magic singles for now. In the next few weeks, we’ll show how we use data from the smaller stores when we announce an exciting new addition to the site. For now, we don’t want to clutter the screen too much with smaller stores.

As always, we welcome your feedback, either below in the comments or via email to !


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Avacyn Restored prices are live! (including foils)

Avacyn Restored prices are up.

So are Avacyn Restored (Foil) prices.

The ebay price of a couple of the big cards is incorrect – this is down to people trying to be tricky with their price plus shipping. We have a fix for this issue in testing now – hopefully deployed tomorrow.

NOTE: Autocomplete for this set, and all foils, is not yet up – we are testing a new chunk of code to handle the foil cards and hope to have it rolled out by tomorrow.


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Change is afoot!

An absurd number of changes have happened at over the last 6 weeks and almost none of them were clear to the users.

Firstly, I’d like to say yes, we are still here. We’re building something for the long-haul and this site isn’t going away any time soon.

We will post a full update on all the changes on Thursday. In the meantime, I’ll give a quick overview of what changed:

1. We completely rewrote the way we gather card information. The old way simply wasn’t working any more and we wanted to focus on quality above all else. This meant that the card listings were out of date for almost a month. This has now been fixed.

2. Foils have been added! You can see the first day’s worth of foil data up now. We haven’t added the foil prices to the autocomplete yet but that will come in a day or two.


3. Many features have been removed. We’d like to focus further on quality over quantity of features and the ones we rolled out initially were simply too buggy to keep around. We’ll bring them back gradually as they get tested thoroughly.

Now that the essential “back-end” overhaul is finished, we can finally get back to building a great site for you, the users. The next three weeks will see over 100 improvements to the site, including a completely new design. Check back on thursday for more details!

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