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Return to Ravnica Prices Are Now Live!


Here are the top 5 cards by price as of today (Nov 10):

Jace, Architect of Thought     $38.74

What do you need to know? It’s Jace. Boom.

Overgrown Tomb     $24.71

Now we get to see what it looks like inside! As one of the shocklands, Overgrown Tomb is useful as well as valuable.

Angel of Serenity     $15.61

This angel is an unbelievably versatile finishing card.


Hallowed Fountain     $15.16

Another shockland!

Temple Garden     $14.81

Along with Overgrown Tomb and Hallowed Fountain, Temple Garden is a returning shockland from Ravnica, of only five such shocklands. All five, incidentally, feature impressive art by prolific MTG artist Rob Alexander.


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From the Vault Prices Added!

We’ve added five more special sets today – all of the “From the Vault” cards now have prices!

And yes, you can add all cards from the above sets, and all duel decks to your Collection on your main user page (for those users who have signed up for the free early beta).

From the Vault Reals - Maze of Ith

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Duel Decks Prices Added!

Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari - Life From the Loam card

You asked us to add all of the small, special printings and mini sets. As part of our commitment to you, our users, we just added prices for all of the Duel Decks! We will add From the Vault prices tomorrow and will then get started gathering data on judge promos and other special cards.


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First of the new features chosen by you, our users!

Thanks to some initial votes on our feedback site ( we’ve decided to start work on an import function for, followed by a new feature to track the prices of buylists from all major vendors.

If you haven’t already, please stop by and help us shape the future of!

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