PROTRADER: The Mythics of Dragons of Tarkir

After hitting Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged in the last two weeks, we have inevitably arrived here. There are a few reasons why Dragons of Tarkir looks like the shortest in supply of the three sets in this block. Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up: in a world where the same number of drafts fired every day of a set’s life cycle, there would be the same amount of Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir in existence, each with about 40 percent of what exists for Khans of Tarkir. In our world, though, Modern Masters 2015 was released while we were still in the honeymoon phase with Dragons. The cards are in the shortest supply of the block, which means buying in cheap could result in the largest percentage gains of the cards discussed in this series.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Mythics of Dragons of Tarkir

  1. “(And yes, I realize Bolas has multiple printings and is not in Standard, but I it’s the only other three-color planeswalker we have to compare.)”

    Have you considered the possibility that it’s a dumb metric to compare on?

    1. I find it funny that what you said about Dragon Whisperer could be applied to Shaman of the Forgotten Ways word for word. Yet you didn’t even take your own advice.

      …”This is one of my favorite speculation targets in the set, and I’m already in on a couple playsets. Anything under $2 seems like a fine pickup. I’m targeting a $10 retail price for this one if it hits in Standard, or $5 to $6 in a few years from casual demand if not. This one seems super safe to me.”…

  2. Given what happened to Somberwald Sage in Standard, I think it was kinda a given that Shaman (being a mythic) was going to spike at some point. Less mana generated, more options, same basic principle.

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