PROTRADER: Boating Expedition – A Course Correction

I had hoped Battle for Zendikar spoilers would give me a clear signal this week. We got a lot of cool cards spoiled, but nothing really sticks out, and I think we need to avoid a repeat of last week. I used a card I’m not excited about reanimating to frame a discussion about reanimation cards, which felt forced to me and resulted in an article a lot of you weren’t super happy with the entire way through. I mean, granted, there were good points about cards like Debtors’ Knell, but in general, you’re not reanimating fatties in EDH as much as you are cycling value creatures. You don’t want a full yard, begging to get Bojuka Bogged or Tormod’s Crypted. You want to keep bringing back Karmic Guide and Eternal Witness like a cheater. I didn’t like writing or reading the comments on my last article.

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4 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Boating Expedition – A Course Correction”

  1. I always appreciate your card comparisons if even if they are meh. It helps to keep the hype in check and avoid picking up stupid specs. Or on the otherhand, realizing that an old card is the true play and new cards just don’t compare. Very helpful for someone that missed out on a lot of older releases.

    I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to some discussion about Omnath, Locus of Rage. Go ahead and do an entire article! Throw in some “boat” picks for both EDH and standard (maybe?). Elementals seem like they could be a legit tribe, at least in EDH, but Landfall enablers are probably the better spec, right?

    I’d also like your opinion on the new Planeswalkers and if they seem like auto includes in any established decks. Probably should wait until they all get spoiled though. Is the new Nissa not coming until Oath, along with her “frenemy” Chandra?

    1. I actually wrote an entire Gathering Magic article brewing a deck for Omnath, so I have a perfect way to frame a dedicated Omnath article. You’re right – I should have written about Omnath here but didn’t because I wrote the GM piece instead. Excellent contribution.

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