PROTRADER: Bulk Does as Bulk Is

By: Travis Allen

Man, it has been a wild several days, hasn’t it? The amount of cards that have gained over 20 percent in the last week is possibly a record, with Modern excitement the catalyst for most. Oath of the Gatewatch is a deep set with an abundance of brewable cards, many of which are feeding the public’s ceaseless hunger for the Eldrazi deck that is consuming the format. It started out as just another fringe deck, but with pros getting on board and results beginning to roll in, there’s a chance we’ve got something special here. One day I think there were actually four separate articles on SCG about the deck. When you get to play a better Mishra’s Workshop that also tutors for threats—in Modern, not Vintage—you’ve got a recipe for shenanigans. I’ve been waiting since Modern’s inception to tap Eldrazi Temple, and I’m excited that the opportunity is finally here.


Outside of card prices, Wizards has apparently begun contacting stores to gently remind them that it’s against policy to allow proxies of any sort in any event, whether it’s a Standard FNM or an unsanctioned game of EDH. Unsurprisingly, this has ruffled quite a few feathers from the “Magic should be free” community that is so vocal on Twitter. It’s not surprising at all that Wizards is making a move on this, as the slope between writing “Gaea’s Cradle” on a basic plains and ordering a pile of counterfeits from China for $10 is as slippery as slopes can realistically be. One of my older articles on the topic made something of a round, in fact, incensing plenty. I’ll try to get some more words on paper about this soon, but one article at a time, you know?

What’s on the docket for today then? I asked on Twitter this week whether people wanted to read about: Oath of the Gatewatch’s positioning, PucaTrade’s burgeoning yet complicated economy, and extracting more value from bulk rares. I can honestly say I did not expect the bulk rares topic to win, but it did, so here we are. If nothing more pressing comes up within the next week I’ll probably try to tackle the Oath topic, since I think it’s a good one, and I’ll hit Puca sometime in the near future, too.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Bulk Does as Bulk Is”

  1. Great read, and I’m really enjoying the cartel podcasts. I have been bit in the ass a few times outing my bulk too early, and I hope others take your advice.

  2. I accumulated about 2000 bulkrares during the past weeks and wanted to out them to a vendor for .13 Euro instead of normal .10 Euro but I failed to visit his special event. After that I realized the same as written. They will be worth at least the same in the future and I’m looking foward to the next bulkspike 🙂

  3. I need to figure out why the direct link that Jeremy sends out won’t work on iOS. I don’t know the reason behind it, but I know when Jim called me directly through the same site it worked fine.

    Also, I found 3 SP Foil Norn’s Annex on SCG for $3.49 each. Thanks for the tip!

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