Pro Trader: Speculating for Speculators

So I heard you like to speculate. You’re all a bunch of speculators and you love to speculate on Magic cards. You love to play your little games where you speculate on card prices like a bunch of speculators. Well speculate about THIS.

This meaning the information that leaked this week that seems fairly credible, coupled with what Maro said this week. If I can think of anything that could go up as a result, I’ll talk about it here. If you’re not happy with that, go buy basically anything on the Reserved List because enough people are doing it that it will probably work out. Who am I to judge people for doing literally the laziest thing possible?

I’m going to talk about the leaks first and then finish with Maro’s stuff. The leaks are less certain but Maro’s stuff is more vague. I can sense you pulling away. What would you have me talk about this week? Just go with it.

If this is all true, it could be pretty spectacular.

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3 thoughts on “Pro Trader: Speculating for Speculators”

  1. Well, they spoiled basically all of these cards today. I was off base on a lot of the stuff, but the stuff that really matters, we got right. Next week we will talk about Omnath

  2. I’m reading this a day late so I’m having a hard time understanding the prices you’re referring to in this statement:

    “…Admonition Angel and Ruin Ghost, both of which I like at their current price.”

    I went back to the chart and figured out you’re talking about non-foil Admonition and foil Ruin Ghost (correct?). It would help if you pointed that out in the article.

    How do you feel about providing a more clear “Price now $x.xx / Target Price $y.yy” highlight for each card you’re suggesting like other writers do? It would help folks understand how much is left on that bone if they get to the article late.

    Thanks! I do appreciate your articles and when you guest host on FAAASSSSSSTTTT Finance.


      That’s actually really good feedback. Current price doesn’t help if you read the article a month later or even a couple of weeks. I usually mention when I am discussing a fpil since I do it so infrequently but you’re right that I forgot this time. This is all helpful, thank you.

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